MotoBits is an authorized TrailTech retailer.

I can get any TrailTech parts, but I regularly stock Vapor kits and ancillary parts for them at discount prices.

These are great for projects and racebikes.


Dual Programmable Shift Lights

Real-Time RPM Bar Graph

Numeric RPM Readout

Up to 20,000 RPM

Stores Max RPM


Engine Temperature

Ambient Temperature

Dual Programmable Temp Lights

Stores Max Temp


Adjustable Distance

Permanent Odometer

Selectable Mile/Kilometer Display


Current Speed

Stores Maximum Speed

Selectable MPH/KPH Display


Hour Meter For Between Rebuilds

Stop Watch

Ride Time

Accumulated Ride Time

Permanent Hour Meter

Selectable 12/24 Hour Display

Power Input :

Included Power Connection Fits All Machines

Accepts Any Power Input - AC/DC

Value Added :

All Parts Included to Complete Installation

One Year Warranty

Unlimited Free Phone and Email Support

Bright White Backlit LCD Display

Accessory Dashboards Available


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